City Palace Udaipur

Opulent Royalty At Every Step
21 Mar

City Palace Udaipur

The City Palace in Udaipur is a beautiful combination of museum, palace, galleries and temple which reflect the opulence of the royalty which ruled the princely state of Mewar. The museum complex within the palace reflect the royal culture of the rulers of the city and comprises of both King’s and Queen’s palace, known as the Mardana and Janana Mahal.

All in all the City Palace of Udaipur showcases the opulent lifestyle of the royalty in every aspect and artifact present here.

The museum complex’s construction started in the year 1559 and was continued over a period of four and a half centuries making it the oldest and largest part of the City Palace. The museum portrays the royal architecture, opulent galleries which house the royal paraphernalia for the tourists to look at and experience. Along with the museum, the City Palace has a durbar hall, crystal hall, vintage car gallery and Jag Mandir, each of which is a popular tourist attraction.

Each of these has its own appeal for tourists. Take the case of the Durbar Hall. Its foundation stone was laid in 1909 by Lord Minto, the then Viceroy of India. The hall was used by the royalty as a grand venue for banquets, festivities and celebrations. The hall houses majestic portraits of the Maharanas of Mewar along with historical artifacts. The Crystal Hall near the Durbar Hall is accounted for being the largest private collection of crystal artifacts in the whole world. The collection has the only crystal bed in the world along with a crystal footrest and many rare pieces made from crystal. The Jag Mandir is an old temple, which was a place of worship for the royal family and the Vintage Car gallery houses many vintage cars from around the world, which were used by the royal family, during their rule over Mewar.


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