Bagore Ki Haveli

Harbinger Of Cultural Heritage Of Rajasthan
21 Mar

Bagore Ki Haveli

bagore ki haveli

Bagore ki Haveli was commissioned to be built by the Prime Minister of Mewar in the 18th century at Gangaur Ghat, at the edge of Lake Pichola. The Haveli is a sought after destination by tourists who wish to experience the rich heritage of Rajasthani cultural programs. The puppet gallery, royal paintings, costumes, turban collection with the largest turban of the world is a strong magnet for a culture fanatic. The haveli was converted to a museum which gives a glimpse into the royal life of the royal family of Udaipur. The haveli consists of more than 100 rooms, terraces, and courtyards, which are decorated with beautiful mirror work and breathtaking frescos at walls and roofs.

The haveli opens daily from 10 am in the morning to 7 pm. Do stay there at the Haveli post closure to experience cultural heritage of Rajasthan in the form of traditional folk dance performance and puppet show, which runs daily from 7 pm till 8 pm in the night.

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